Every Morning ‘Someone’ Starts Knocking At The Door, Cameras Catch The Unexpected Culprit In Action

They say that owning any pet is good for your heart, but cats in particular can lower your stress level. This basically means that cat owners are much more relaxed, and even sleep better. Well, I know scientists are smart, but I am also quite certain that one family will disagree with this, big time!

They read these facts before adopting a cat, and obviously expected piece and quiet in the house. Turns out, they were in for a huge mistake. Every morning, around 6 a.m. strange knocking kept waking them up, and one day they got tired of it. Family set up a camera outside the door, and soon the offender has been caught in act.

One more interesting fact about cats is they are always eager for attention. So, if you think that closing your bedroom door would stop them from getting to you… think again.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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