Endangered Asiatic Lion Rescued From Well!

This wild animal fell into a 60 ft well in Gujarat, India. Luckily, local residents were able to act quickly and save the poor creature’s life.

The lion waited in the water until forest officials managed to get two ropes around the animal and pull it out of the well into a cage. Of course, they had to tranquilize the lion, but that only eliminated danger of getting eaten.

When the lion jumped into the mattress, we managed to pull it out. Even though it was not injured, the lion fell into a deep well. Just in case we sent it to animal health center where they can take a better look, after that we will return it in the wild – that is what Ramesh Katara, deputy conservator of forestry in the Junagadh district told.

There are only about 200-260 Asiatic lions in the Middle East today so congratulations for great job to these heroes.

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I Already Did

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