Family Freeze To Death When An Unlikely Visitor Decides To Crash Their Pool Party

Cooling off by the pool might seem like a good idea during the hot summer days, but not if you are spending a vacation in Africa. For this family, a beautiful afternoon became a day they would certainly never forget.

They were enjoying the time at the Elephant Sands in Botswana, and could not resist to take a little swim. It was suppose to be relaxing, but it turned out to be a frightening experience. Moments later, they started hearing rumbling from the bushes, and it was clear that some enormous creature was heading their way.

As the family braced themselves, a full grown elephant walked up to the pool side. Obviously they had no idea how to react and just stood still. The magnificent creature lowered its trunk into the water and began to drink from the pool. After a small refreshment he gave them a look and went back to the wild.

I know they did not think this way then, but good thing they had their camera nearby.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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