This Old Elephant Waits in The Same Spot EVERY Day For WEEKS. When You See Why, Your Heart Will Melt!

Elephants are truly amazing creatures, well known for their intelligence as well as for being incredibly social animals. There are proves about elephants who developed very strong bonds and remained together forever. While this is something you would expect to see, one elderly elephant certainly stood out from the rest when he developed an unlikely friendship with a dog!

Even though they belong to two completely different species, Bella the dog and Tarra the elephant bonded on a way that is simply incredible. The Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary is the place they call their home and seeing them doing everything together was just amazing. But, when unfortunately, Bella developed a back injury that left her bedridden, their friendship was put on a real test. Nobody could have expected that Tarra would do something like this. She could not see her friend every day, but she calmly waited outside where Bella was resting, every day for three weeks.

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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