She Locks Her Dogs In The Garage. Watch What Happens When She Opens The Door… I Can Not Stop Laughing!

I just love dogs, they are truly wonderful pets, but I have always wondered how would it be if I had more than one. People say that one of the wonderful benefits of having two dogs or more is that they develop bonds and entertain one another. A woman called Jeni Rosenberry is a proud owner of an entire dog pack which she refers to as “The Rosenberry Pups”, and she has posted a very interesting clip with some special treats for her puppies.

Apparently she prepared a very special Easter surprise for her dog pack. Jeni was planning to go away for vacation, so she set up a puppy Easter egg hunt for her loving dogs. The eggs were prepared with a surprise treats inside specially made for them. The moment she let the canines from the garage, they went straight towards eggs. You just have to check out how easy they are opening them!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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