These Driving Instructors Got a Very ‘Unusual’ Student For Their First Day on a Job! OMG!

First day on a new job can be very stressful cause you never know if you gonna make a good impression. People worry if the new coworkers are going to like them, or are they going to fit in. But, imagine when on top of all that, you end up as a ‘victim’ of a hilarious prank. The unsuspecting driving instructors got the funniest welcome from their new employee, as the driving school decided to prepare them an ‘unusual’ student for their first day at the job.

Their first student was a nerdy girl who at the beginning of the class got them pretty upset with her driving skills. She was horrible at everything, but just as the instructors were starting to lose hope, she wanted to try again. I will not tell you what happened next, it will be much better to get surprised, but I will tell you that the lousy student was actually Malaysia’s very own professional racing champion and renowned drifter Leona Chin!

Check out the ending, it is hilarious!

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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