How Does it Feel Driving a Ferrari Enzo around The Farm! Amazing!

I can not speak for everyone but for the most people certainly every boy’s childhood fantasy was to own and drive a Ferrari one day. And who can say anything against this iconic brand. So far, through history the people at Ferrari produced some of the fastest and one the most expensive cars that you can drive. For me personally, the most representative car from this famous manufacturer is The Ferrari Enzo. When people talk about ‘Enzo’ they confirm the fact that if you can afford the Ferrari, you will buy it.

Those lucky ones that had the chance to own this precious icon, and took it, often drive it as a fashion car, and rarely dare to experience all the fun that ‘Enzo’ can deliver. But, not all of them. The guy from this video takes his exotic car and just enjoys, but he does not use some highway or a race track. He slides around in the mud, like it is a Jeep. You will love this clip, check it out, it is great!

[youtube id=”Z-4v4I7Gzk0″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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