Teen With Down Syndrome Sees 2 Girls Desperately Crying For Help. His Heroic Rescue is Now Going VIRAL

Children with Down Syndrome are facing with many difficulties in life and are often treated harshly by the society. But, despite what many are thinking these people can make huge impacts. One young man recently showed the world that everyone can make a difference. Valerio Catoia saved the lives of 2 girls and is now being recognized as a hero.

Valerio was at the age of three when his family enrolled him in swimming lessons. They thought it would be good for Valerio, and as it turned out, it was a great decision. He eventually became strong swimmer and even participated in the Special Olympics.

Valerio was spending time with his father and sister at a beach when he heard cries for help. Screams were coming from the sea, and then he saw 2 girls struggling in the water. He did not hesitate at all, and together with his father, they dived in to help them. Thanks to Valerio`s swimming skills, they were soon both back on the shore.

This teen’s heroic act could not go unrecognized. The entire world is praising Valerio for his bravery and he was even awarded a medal by the Prime Minister of Sports.

He is truly a fine young man that we could all look into. Please SHARE this deserving act.


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