This Dolphin Mother is about to Perform Something Very Beautiful! Check it Out!

One of the most loving and beautiful animals in the seas are definitely dolphins. These marine mammals are part of the family of whales that includes orcas and pilot whales. Dolphins are highly intelligent, and they are known for their playful behavior. We have seen so far, many videos with dolphins performing some amazing and hilarious tricks, but what was caught on this one, is not seen by people very often.

You are about to witness the underwater birth of a dolphin calf, and it is just beautiful, it is not unusual at all that this clip was viewed over two and half million times so far. The another amazing fact about dolphins is that gestation can take from nine to seventeen months. After birth, dolphins are seen nestling and cuddling their young, they are definitely very maternal.

The amazing video shows calf emerging from its mother tail first before immediately rising to the water’s surface to take the first breath.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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