How Someone can do this to Cute Little Dog. He is Terrified of People! My Heart Shattered

It seems that Eldad Hagar and his team at the organization Hope For Paws are never getting tired, but I guess that their love for animals is pushing them forward to save every dog that needs to be rescued.

This homeless dog called Perry was found wandering the streets in Duarte, CA. The poor pup has survived much during the three months he was on the streets. It is unbelievable that during that time he was hit by a car, shot with a BB gun, and a paintball gun. Understandably, Perry became terrified of being touched. The rescuers were trying for 6 hours to catch him, but when they did not made it, they have decided to try a different approach at nighttime, and it was successful.

Perry has gone through treatment and learned to trust people again. He quickly found a new friend, and now Perry is ready for a new home.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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