This Dog Sensed ‘Something’ Under The Blanket! Seconds Later She Got The Shock of Her Life!

We have seen so many funny pranks so far, but I can not remember if anyone has ever tried to prank his own dog?! Some dog owner obviously shares an incredible bond with his pup and he decided to have some fun with his best dog friend. He has been on a vacation and just returned home, but ‘Fizz’ has not seen him right away. The idea was to prank her with a surprise reunion and you just have to see this explosion of love!

The moment she ran into the backyard, Fizz sniffed that something is going on, but she could not figure out what. The most suspicious was an old blanket which was obviously covering something. The familiar smell was getting stronger and stronger and wait to see the joy on this dog when she realized her Dad was under it! Beautiful!

[youtube id=”VbGnYpHtHv8″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

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