Security Cameras Catch The Furry Little Shoplifter In Act On Christmas. What He Goes For? Nooo Way!

Without any hesitation and clearly with a mission an unknown dog walked into a store on Christmas Day. He acted just like any other regular customer who knows right what he wants. Completely on his own, he walked to the dog food aisle, and picked up a bone. The cunning little dog then turn around and walked out of the store.

This situation caught the manager completely off guard. He had no idea whether to laugh or go chase the thief.

However, you have to admire him on the way he found his treat, his sense of smell really works perfectly. As for the fact that he did not pay for his bone, I think they can forgive him this time. After all, It’s Christmas time, everyone deserves a present and this goes for dogs too.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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