Dog Starving After Owner “Forgot” to Feed Him. Now He is About to Feel Love for The First Time

Benji is a dog who spent his entire life experiencing only cruelty and negligence. His owner had treated him like he is not even a living being. Chained and lying on a concrete, this starving dog had nothing to eat because his “owner” had “forgot” to feed him! He had wounds all over his body cause cruel people had thrown rocks at him. Benji was one sad dog..

When rescuers from Sidewalk Specials found him, they first placed a bowl of food in front of him. The poor dog was in disbelief! Like he could not believe that someone would give him food and not hurt him. “He thought it was a trick and he’d get kicked for eating, but he was too hungry to stop,” rescuers wrote.

These wonderful people saved Benji from the brink of death, and gave him love he deserves. Over time, his condition got better, and was ready for adoption. Check out the video to see him now, I bet you wont recognize him.

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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