He was Told That His Dog is Not Going to Live for Long, So He Started Filming Her Every Day! Wonderful!

This video is so wonderful and it is no wonder it got viral very fast. A guy named Dave Meinert was filming his dog Pegasus every day and he had a very good reason. He rescued her from backyard breeders when she was a puppy, but he was told that she wouldn’t live too long, or if Pegasus lived she might end blind or death. Dave wanted to record every moment of her good days, and the end result is fantastic.

He had no idea how long it was going to last, so he was taking picture of her every day since she was a 4 weeks old puppy to a 7 months old dog. This video is a chronicle of their time together and it is amazing. Unfortunately Dave was traveling a lot and struggled with keeping her with him, so he had to find her a new home. However, this story is so touching, and I am sure you are going to like the video.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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