Mom Thinks One of Her Kids is Eating Whipped Cream Straight from The Can, But Than She Sees THIS…HILARIOUS!

Casey Officer is a caring mother and she knows that eating whipped cream is not good for her children, especially when is lunch time. That is why she got pretty upset when she heard the sound of a whipped cream can coming from the kitchen. She immediately rushed to investigate who of her kids is to blame for this, but instead she found ‘someone’ completely unexpected.

It looks like there is another member of the family who enjoys the sweet taste of a whipped cream. Their beloved dog obviously figured out how to get the cream out of the can, and was in the middle of the feast when Casey caught him. He certainly earned some criticism, after his owner stopped laughing.

I am not sure who his belly is going to react, but he definitely is a clever dog.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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