This Dog Has Applied An Incredible Strategy Just To Avoid Getting A Bath!

For most of the dogs, taking a bath does not mean getting all beautified, on the contrary, it means having the worst time of their lives. The reason for this probably lays in the fact that they associate baths with something traumatic, and our loving pets will do almost anything just to avoid it. There are many suggestions you can find on the net in order to resolve this issue, but I think that none of these will work with this dog.

He hates getting a bath so much, that he has applied an incredible strategy and you are going to love it. In order to avoid those hateful baths, this dog is playing dead. He spreads his body all over the floor, and his owner has no other choice than to drag him to the bathroom. Even though he just wont give up, we have to admit that he is awesomely cute.

Check out the video to see if he managed to get out!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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