Basketball Player Calls Out to Opponent, Then What He Does Makes The Crowd Storm The Court

It may seem unfair but the team manager of Coronado Thunderbirds, high school basketball team, has his favorite player. His name is Mitchell Marcus, and he has a develop mental disability. He has been a huge basketball fan since a kid, and he even does not mind if he is not playing, he just wants to be in the team.

It was the final game of the season and the Coronado Thunderbirds played against their rival team from Franklin High School. The couch told Mitchell to suit on up and get in the game. He was ready to lose the game, but he did not mind. He just wanted to see the smile on Mitchell’s face.

Mitchell got on the court and fired shot after shot, but he just could not finish. And then, when it seemed like he would not make it, the opposing player did something amazing. He passed the ball right into Mitchell’s hands, and he turned around and scored.

It was not the result, this was the biggest moment of the game and the crowd felt it.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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