Dad Tells The Dog It’s Time To Take Her Medicine. The Dog’s Reaction Is Priceless!

The yellow Labrador called Denver obviously became quite an internet star. Some of you probably remember an earlier video of him and terrible misfortune of getting  into the Christmas ornaments, and this video went viral in no time at all. Now, we have a chance to see him again in another hilarious situation, well at least for us watching!

Denver the dog unfortunately had to start taking medicated ear drops, and he just can not deal with it. When his owner tells him that he has to, he makes some of the funniest dog faces you will ever see. He growls and starts showing his teeth. His Dad could not resist to start laughing, but I think that this will not help Denver about taking his medicine.

Do not worry Denver, you are going to be just fine!

[youtube id=”Aw_1V1yguvE” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

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