Deer Trapped In A Goal Net Desperately Cries for Help When Someone Finally Answers His Chilling Calls

They say that going for a morning run is a great way to start your day. Bob Elz certainly knows this, but this particular day he will remember forever.

It was a cold day in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, but Bob was not going to break his routine. He was halfway into his route when he heard strange cries coming from the nearby soccer field. He decided to take a closer look and then he spotted a scared deer trapped in a goal net.

Poor little baby somehow got tangled and was unable to free its contorted body from the net. This lonesome buck desperately cried for help until someone finally answered his chilling calls. Luckily Bob was there to help the animal and after a little comforting, deer was free.

People are praising the guy for his amazing rescue. He was a hailed a hero and the video went viral. Check it out and SHARE with all your friends animal lovers.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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