Deaf Woman Takes Off Her Shoes And Begins To Sing, Simon Forced To Hit The ‘Golden Buzzer’

Mandy Harvey seemed like just another vocalist when she took the stage with ukulele in her hand. But, then judges realized she has a unique challenge unlike the others. She is deaf.

This 29-year old girl has a passion for music and she has been singing since 4 years old. But, when she was 18, Mandy lost her hearing due to a degenerative ear disease. It seemed like the world fell apart, but she did not let tragedy get to her. This amazing woman found the way to do what she loves most and now she got the chance of a lifetime.

Mandy stunned the audience as well as the judges with her incredible talent and her big heart. The way she feels musical vibrations through her feet and how she trust her pitch is just amazing. There were tears everywhere after she finished her performance and Simon was particularly moved. He was certain that this talented girl deserves a way straight to the finals.

We could not agree more, watch the video and share with all of your friends.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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