Deaf Baby Finally Gets Hearing Aid. The Moment She Hears Her Mother Will Leave You In Tears

All parents want their child to be healthy and reach to their full potential. So discovering your child is deaf or has hearing loss can be devastating. Sadly, this was just the case with a beautiful little girl named Charly.

Charly was born completely deaf in August 2017. She could not hear anything and her parents were praying for a solution. They were determined to find a way to make her happy, and finally baby Charlotte got her hearing aids. Now, it was only the question, how will she react when hearing her mother’s voice for the first time..

We can only be grateful that Charly’s parents decided to record this moment cause this is just priceless. Even though she is just an infant, the way she got emotional upon hearing her mother say “I love you” is more then I could take. She could not hold her tears of joy and I have to admit, neither could I.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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