Want to know if a Battery is Dead? This Simple Technique will Solve your Problems!

I do not why, but it seems that my battery-powered devices always stop working whenever I need them most. Some of them do not have indicators which measure if batteries are good or not, so many times it happens that I lose power in the most important moments. Of course there is a special equipment that can help, but it is not always available. Luckily, some guy has found a genius way of testing your battery and it is incredibly simple!

The video was uploaded on YouTube by bajarider1000 and with this method you can test any alkaline battery in seconds! All you have to do is simply drop battery vertically into a hard surface on short distance. A charged battery will make a solid thump sound and often remain standing, while a dead battery makes a muffled sound, bounces repeatedly, and then topples over.

Check out this amazing technique next time you think your battery is dead.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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