Dashcam catch a Hilarious Cop Lip Sync “Shake It Off”!

We have seen numerous videos with cops so far, and we enjoyed everyone of them because they made us laugh like never before. But, this one is really something. It is a part of a “DashCam Confessional” series and it was posted by The Dover Police Department!

The viral video shows police officer from the Dover Police driving in his car, probably maintaining his normal route. But, when the radio starts to play Taylor Swift’s hit “Shake It Off”, this cop just could not resist to start singing. He goes into the best lip sync rendition of this song that I have seen so far. You will enjoy every moment of this clip for sure, but the best part of all is when the cop sees someone he knows, he immediately stops and turns into a strict police officer, but second later he continues to amaze us. The same thing happened when he stopped to pass the pedestrian, I just love this video.

Check out this hilarious video, and share please!!!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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