These Two Girls Were Completely Surprised When Dark Clouds started Forming in the Sky Above Them! Amazing!

Two girls who were traveling in a canoe on the River Shannon in Ireland, were taken completely by surprise with an incredible sight in the sky. Rapidly, dark clouds started forming in the sky above them, and they did not have any idea what was going on. What happened was that they stumbled across one of nature’s greatest phenomenons!

This phenomenon is called a murmuration of starlings. It is best described as starlings flocking together, wheeling and darting through the sky in tight, fluid formations.The birds can gather in small groups of a few hundred starlings, or they can form seas of millions of birds, blocking out the sun. These two girls had a perfect opportunity to enjoy this spectacular sight, and it is even better cause they caught it on film. Wonderful.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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