The Audience Was Enjoying The Game When An Unexpected Visitor Stole The Show!

The audience at the Citizens Bank Park were enjoying a game between St. Louis Cardinals and Philadelphia Phillies, but at one moment nobody was watching the game and the main culprit was a little squirrel which made quite an appearance. The show started when this daredevil scaled the netting behind home plate and started running on top of it. When she realized that at one point she will have to jump, she launched through the air right into the Phillies dugout. The victim was Chase Utley, while some other players scrambled out of the way. Afterwards, the squirrel disappeared into the wall behind the cameras.

This video caught a lot of attention, and it has over 2 million hits on Youtube, and as for the star squirrel, it is not quite clear if she is just a big fan of the Phillies, or she just wanted to show herself in front of the cameras.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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