Guy Asks His 60-year-old Mom To Join Him For A Dance. Turns Out She Has Some Serious Talent

It has been a while since ‘Gangnam Style’ hit the world by storm, and it looks like it’s still very much popular. One of the things that skyrocketed the Korean artist PSY to the stars was the very interesting dance.

Well, Mark Villager decided to create his own choreography of Gangnam Style and he did not stop there. This professional dancer invited his 60-year-old mother to join him. What he probably never expected was that she would completely steal the show!

Turns out, Mom has some serious talent and she is not afraid to share it with us. What makes things even more amazing is that she is actually deaf and can’t hear a single note of the catchy song. She follows the sound waves formed when the music is played, and she is just amazing!

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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