Dad Tells Them To “Smile” Wait Until You See The Dog’s Response… Hilariously Adorable.

Many people adopt a Dalmatian cause they are considered a very good pet dogs, and can quickly adjust to family members. The first thing why people love them is their spots, which began to develop when the puppy reaches 2-3 months in age. But also it is known that this dog species have great personality, and that includes loyalty and constant craving to please their owners. This video is a perfect example of that point.

What you can see on this clip is a girl with her pet dog, a dalmatian, getting ready, and posing, for the family photo. These people obviously love their dog very much, and Dad, who was going to take the picture, told them to smile, but he definitely did not expect this to happen. Gabby, the 10 year old Dalmatian gave them a wide smile showing all her teeth. They could not stop laughing, and neither will you!

[youtube id=”vxaTnqpQO84″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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