Daddy Tries To Wake Great Dane Puppy, His Reaction Is Hilarious! What A Grump!

Four-month-old Leo is having a severe case of the Mondays! This adorable great dane puppy likes his beauty sleep and isn’t a big fan of being woken up in the morning.

In this hilarious video, the dog shows his owners just exactly how unhappy he is to be woken up. He definitely isn’t a morning person. The owners carefully try to pry the gentle giant out of bed, but he isn’t having it. He keeps resting his head on the pillow, as if asking for just five more minutes.

His owners can’t help but laugh at his refusal to get out of bed. The end of the video is priceless though because just when the owners think they’ve persuaded the dog from the comfy bed, he does an epic face plant into the sheets. Aww!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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