Dad Tries To Take Out The Trash On A Chilly Morning. His Struggle Leaves Mom In Stitches

There is nothing better to warm you out during this cold weather then a bit of laughter. This Dad just left his family in stitches with his hilarious showdown on an icy morning.

Being a good husband as he is, man went out to take the trash, but had no idea the driveway was covered in black ice. Turns out, this would be a big problem and a bit of a struggle. To make things even worse, Mom saw what is going on and took out the camera. Now, the video is going viral and you won’t be able to stop laughing.

All the efforts to move the trash bin up were in vain. He probably started to feel like Sisyphos. I have to admit, at one moment, I even felt sorry for the poor guy. On the other hand, his family were rolling up in laughter, but we can’t say they did not try to help him. On the top of all, the garbage truck can be seen driving right past – how sad is that?

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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