Deployed Dad Leaves A Special Teddy Bear For His Little Girl. Now Watch When She Squeezes Its Hand

It’s never easy when you are apart from your family, and unfortunately this military dad just got deployed for eight long months. Drew and his wife have a lovely daughter Pia and they are expecting their second girl. To make things even harder for him, due date is four months before he returns home!

Before he left, Drew prepared a special surprise for his little girl Pia. He made Mom promise she will wait a full month until she unveiled the incredible gift to Pia. That moment has just arrived….

Mom presented Pia with the teddy bear and it seemed like any other ordinary toy, except it was not! This one had a special voice recording inside just for her, and Dad built it himself. As soon as she pressed the bear’s paw, Pia started flipping out.

Her reaction when she heard her father’s voice saying, “Hi, P. I love you. I’ll see you soon,” was just priceless. Pia obviously loves her Dad very much and misses him more than words can describe.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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