The Whole Crowd Was Shocked When A Bride’s Dad Interrupted The First Dance!

There are many different Wedding traditions all across the world, but one of the customs that you will find everywhere is the tradition of the first dance. The vows have been said, the meal enjoyed, the speeches laughed and cried at, and the happy couple are now man and wife. For some couples, the first dance is one of the hardest parts of the day. But of course, not all people are the same, and this video is the perfect example. These bride and her groom have made quite a spectacle for everybody!

Kyle and Nicole have prepared a special surprise for their friends and family that they will remember for a long time. They have really made an effort to perform some great dancing moves. But then, in the middle of their first dance, Nicole’s dad emerges from the crowd and interrupts the dance! Watch what happened, it is amazing!


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