Dad Joins Daughters For A Dance. Epic ‘Single Ladies’ Performance Becomes Viral Sensation

Some people are spreading rumors that dads are not as engaged or as attentive with kids as moms. We were not able to establish exactly who, but we are getting close! However, some dads are giving their best to prove everyone they are so wrong. They are doing awesome things and are making memories for their little ones they will never forget. Well, you are about to meet one of the best!

This Michigan dad is taking the internet by storm with his awesome move. Steve Haddad agreed to join his daughter for a dance, but that was just the beginning. He dressed up in a black leotard and tights and burst into a hilarious performances of Beyonce’s hit “Single Ladies.”

It was all a part of an annual tradition among the family. Steve took part with his daughters in a lip-syncing contest, and naturally they took the first prize. Check out the video and SHARE with everyone you know.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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