Dad Asks His Twin Girls To Say A Prayer. What Happens Next Is Leaving The Whole Internet In Hysterics

Nicole and Natalie are the sweetest little twin girls who love spending time with their Dad. Although, they enjoy playing games, they always take a few minutes of their day to say a prayer. These little girls are so adorable that Dad decided to catch one of their precious moments on video. But, just like everything else with toddlers, things did not go as smooth as planned….

While Dad is more then happy they can remember the sacred words, it does not take long before everything turns into a competition. Who can pray the loudest, or the fastest?! At the end, I can`t really tell who won, but they certainly brought a smile to my face. Their sweet video is now warming the hearts of the entire internet and I bet you are going to love it too.

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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