Dad Pours Food Into The Bawl, But Puppy Doesn’t Eat Right Away. What This Cutie Does Next Makes My Heart Melt So Much!

Who ever had a dog certainly knows what is going on when the time comes for food. The smell, the sight, or just a hint of food or perhaps their favorite snack is enough to make them loose control, of course in a good way. Well, one dog owner managed to learn his lab puppy how to control himself and not just that, this cute little lab is probably the only dog who really appreciates the food he gets on a plate.

When his Dad starts pouring the food in the bawl, he calmly waits, and than both of them lie down on the ground to say a prayer! I have to say that I have seen lots of dogs performing all kinds of things, but this is just something… Unbelievable!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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