They Gave Him 100 Seconds To Grab Whatever He Can From This Electronics Store! This Is What I Call Shopping Dream!

For many people shopping is way more than the simple exchange of of goods and currency, and lots of them think that it can be quite entertaining.We all know that ‘Black Friday’ is coming soon and people think that this is the greatest deal of all time, but wait to see what one European electronics store offered to some guy!  I am sure everyone of us would love to have a chance like this!

‘Media Markets’ gave 100 seconds to Kreeg Wannes to grab whatever he could from the store without the use of a cart to help carry the products! Kreeg obviously thought his strategy very well, cause the first thing he grabbed was a large flat screen television which he used instead of a shopping cart. He was of course heading to the most expensive things, and check out the video to see how much his merchandise was worth at the end!

This was amazing, what do you think, could you have done better? Feel free to tell us!

[youtube id=”_7S-f4WIewI” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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