Cowboy Sees A Woman Being Robbed, Then Proceeds To Lasso Thief In Parking Lot

Usually, we only get to see things like these in western movies, but this happened in a Walmart parking lot! A cowboy stopped a thief from running away by using his lasso! An Incredible story comes from Eagle Point, Oregon.

A Cowboy, Robert Borba was picking up some dog food, when he heard woman screaming. Some guy had stolen her bicycle from a rack, and was getting away. Borba acted instinctively, took off on his steed to give chase and rounded up the suspect. Just a couple of swings and he was able to get his lasso around the suspect’s ankle.

Robert then called 911 and told the operator about the situation. The person on the other side could not believe what he was saying. The same happened when the officer arrived at the scene.

This modest cowboy did a truly heroic act, and did not want anything in return. He just asked if he could get his rope back and rode off into the sunset. Amazing! Check out the video and share this incredible story!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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