It Took Him Just A Few Seconds To Convince The Judges That He Will Be A Star!

They say that the true talent never goes unnoticed but sometimes it takes some time for ‘The Star’ to be revealed. In case of Charly Luske, it is just unbelievable that he did not made it before, but it is never too late to show what you can do. It took him only a few words of the famous James Brown hit  “This is a Man’s World” to amaze the judges and leave them breathless!

Charly definitely picked a very hard song for his blind audition, and he had faith in himself that his performance will be good enough for the judges of the ‘The Voice Holland’, but I am sure that he never expected this kind of reaction. In just a few seconds all the judges turned their chairs around and were blown away by Charly`s talent! He made it all the way to the semifinals and there is certainly a singing career waiting for him in the future!

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[youtube id=”Rw_5hXuvLc4″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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