Guy Spills Coffee On A Stove For A Reason. Now Watch The Rise Of A Masterpiece

People say that anything in fact can be art. One of the simplest definitions of art is that it is a form of communication, the expression of an artist and the ideas and feelings it engenders in the viewer.

Art has evolved through history and what was once considered an empty ball of nothing, today might be a masterpiece. It does not take much to inspire a talented artist to create something amazing. This video is the perfect proof!

Vanni Mangoni is an Australian artist who brings a meaning to something that most of us would consider a mistake. In many of us a spilled coffee on a stove would trigger anger or something like that, but for Vanni that is just the beginning of his artwork. It is incredible what he can do using just toothpicks and his fingers.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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