Cocoa Farmers Taste Chocolate For The First Time. Their Reactions Are Amazing!

First taste of chocolate in Ivory Coast, Incredible story about people who harvest cacao beans.

We take our ability to eat and enjoy for granted, but many of these cocoa farmers don’t have this luxury and have never tried chocolate before. This is what happens when they try chocolate for the first time.

Fascinating video of poor cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast tasting chocolate for the first time. They have been growing cocoa their entire lives, but never knew what their product was being used for, until now.

Farmer N’Da Alphonse grows cocao and has never seen the finished product. “To be honest I do not know what they make of my beans,” says farmer N’Da Alphonse. “I’ve heard they’re used as flavoring in cooking, but I’ve never seen it. I do not even know if it’s true.”

[youtube id=”zEN4hcZutO0″ align=”center” mode=”normal”]

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