There is a Cockroach Inside This Pipe, and These Girls Battle To Try And Blow It Into Each Other’s Mouths!

I have seen so many various game shows so far and they can be very interesting, but I have never seen a challenge like this one. It is really something and some may call it insane! The show comes from Japan and involves two Japanese girls, one cockroach, and a lot of motivation not to suck! If you are already wondering, the idea is to blow a cockroach into the other one’s mouth through a transparent plastic pipe! Now who can beat this!

I have read somewhere that when coming up with an ideas for shows like this, scientists love to exploit our logical blind spots to show just how irrational human beings will act in the right circumstances. So in fact game shows are some kinds of psychological experiments, and this particular one is the perfect example. What do you think, who won, and how does it feels like when you end up with a cockroach in your moth?


I Already Did
I Already Did

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