Cockatoo Sees Dad Coming Home from Work, Then Absolutely Freaks Out. This Is What I Call A Warm Welcome

There is no better feeling then when you get a warm welcome home after a stressful day. Usually it’s dog owners who love to brag about their pups welcoming them back home, but not this time. I have to admit, our furry friends can be so adorable, but this lovely cockatoo you are about to meet, excels them all!

Onni the cockatoo has a very special relationship with his Dad and misses him very much when not around. How deep this bond really is? Well, lets just say Onni completely loses it when he sees Dad coming from work. It is an explosion of excitement and joy and when he finally comes into the house – he gets huge hug from his buddy.

This is so adorable and I am sure you won’t be able to wipe that big smile from your face. Don’t be selfish and share to spread one with your friends.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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