Coach Sees Players Disrespecting The National Anthem. His Response Is Spreading Like Wildfire Online

Buzz Williams is a basketball coach at Virginia Tech. During a college game, he recognized that many of his players did not behave right while the national anthem was being playing. He was incredibly disappointed, and decided to teach them a valuable lesson about the importance of showing respect.
coach speech national anthem-respect
Williams was getting tired of seeing players who sway back-and-forth, mess with their shorts or roll their eyes. So he came up with a brilliant idea. He brought his team face-to-face with the war veterans who sacrificed their own lives for their freedom. His 4-minute speech is something everyone should see and remember.

This video went viral in no time at all. The way Coach Buzz addressed to his players is impressive, and a great example. Some say that kids at all high schools and colleges should see this and become aware of the sacrifices made.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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