How Classical Orchestra Performed After Eating The Worlds Hottest Chili Peppers!

You are probably familiar with the fact that beautiful chamber music can bring a tear to someone’s eye, but the following musicians are fighting back the waterworks for a completely crazy reason.

The Danish National Chamber Orchestra are officially some of the most daring people in music! While their performance of “Tango Jalousie” was near perfect, Danish prankster and hot pepper enthusiast Chili Klaus decided to step in and spice things up a bit.

In this ridiculous video, you’ll see the orchestra members pop back one of the hottest peppers of the world before performing. You can almost feel the musicians pain as they fight back tears and try their best to stay in control. The performers got to choose from peppers known as the Carolina Reaper, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion blend, and the hottest of all, the Ghost Pepper.

Why they choose to to do this remains a mystery! Enjoy.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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