This Tiger Spent His Entire Life In A Circus Cage. This is The First Time His Paws Touch The Grass…

Hoover the tiger spent his entire life as a circus animal living in a small cage forced to spend his days entertaining the crowd. This poor animal was part of a group of 12 tigers and sadly Hoover is the only survivor.  The circus did not care at all about wild animal ban and was on the run from Animal Defenders International for a while, but one day they finally managed to find these cruel people and rescue the animal in need. They delivered him to their rescue center in Peru where he received all the necessary medical care and after some time Hoover was brought back to health.

Hoover now lives at his little kingdom at Big Cat Rescue in Florida, even has his own pool. He went through a lot of struggles, but now he can live a much happier life. Check out the moment when he finally touches grass….Amazing.

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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