Check Out How it Feels To Eat A dinner from A Table Suspended 100 feet In The Air! Incredible!

How many of you would dare to have a dine on a table suspended 25 metres in the air? Well apparently there are lots of people who would love to try this once in a lifetime opportunity and they are not sparing money to taste a dinner from a unique sky table. This incredible video is filmed in London, and it will give  you a good perspective on what it feels like to hang in the sky while some impressive guest chefs from well know restaurants serve you a delicious food!

This amazing idea came up from the ‘Events in the Sky’ and this time they have operated a 10 day pop-up restaurant in London. The table is for 22 guests and as you will see on the video, it seem like they are having lots of fun. So, what do you think, do you have the stomach for this? Check out the clip and see how it feels!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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