Judges Thought This Guy Was A Joke, But When He Starts To Sing, Everyone Was Stunned!

Jonathan may seem like an average teenager, but believe me, he is definitely not. He loves to sing and his passion is opera, but his life story is what is going to break your heart…

Jonathan stepped on stage of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ with his friend Charlotte and he seemed nervous and without any confidence. The reason behind this lies in a problem many teenagers are facing today.

Because of his appearance, he had been bullied by his peers, and it affected him. He went through a lot and it was very hard for him, until he met Charlotte. She gave him confidence and made him a better performer, are his words. It’ so touching to hear him talk about it.

Just a few words from this opera duo were enough to completely blow away the audience as well as the judges. Simon was as usually a bit skeptical, but at the end you could hear only compliments coming from his mouth.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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