She Takes Off A Doll’s Face With Nail Polish Remover. When You See This, You Will Probably Want One!

There is no one little girl that does not love to play with dolls. They are very good for kids as they can develop their cognitive, fine motor, and self-help skills, and dolls are packed with potential for teaching children about themselves and the world around them. But some woman from Australia has decided to give a little makeover to her daughter’s dolls, and she had a good reason.

Some dolls have been criticized for promoting a negative image to young girls. The whole image they are presenting, with their idealized bodies, high lashes and makeup, and even skin tone these dolls are affecting children’s mind, and they often start to think that they should also look like that. Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh collects and repairs forgotten and discarded dolls. ‘Tree Change Dolls’ are her creation, and after she is finished with them, they are looking much more appropriate for kids.

You have to check out this video!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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