He Fires Up His Chainsaw And Starts To Cut! What Comes Out of It Is A Masterpiece!

They say that a work of art should be able to speak for itself, and that any attempt of explaining it will belittle the work. Well, when you see Jordan Anderson`s works you will easily figure out that he loves nature and wildlife, but you will never guess that he used only chainsaw carving to get these art forms. Wielding with several sizes of chainsaw Jordan turns a very big piece of wood into something incredible!

Jordan Anderson is a professional wood sculptor who grew up in Minnesota on Lake Pokegama, and he learned the art of handling chainsaw by building log homes with his Dad. But the inspiration for heading into this kind of art he got from some guy he met who carved a bear with chainsaw. When you see the end result on this video, you are not gong to believe that this can be done using a chainsaw!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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