Neighbors Complain About The Noise Coming From Her House. What The Camera Caught Left Her In SHOCK

We all love our pets and we all like to think they have hidden talents, but in most cases they are not. But, there are always exceptions and sometimes are truly impressive like in this case.

Nora, the cat, is a truly smart little kitten but her talent was yet to be revealed. Every time her owner, a piano teacher, would leave her home alone, something strange was going on. She started getting complaints from the neighbors about the noise coming from her house, and she needed to do something. The woman set up a camera, and when she watched the footage, she was to say it mildly, shocked!

It appears that Nora have picked up her owners talents. A few times a day, she would play when the mood strikes her. At first nobody could believe it, but now everyone is watching in awe!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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