Cat Came Across An Abandoned Baby Rabbit, But What She Does With It Will Leave You Speechless!

I have heard before that animals of difference species can learn to get along, but what happened between a cat named Snaggle Puss, and a baby rabbit named Bubbles, completely exceeds all my expectations. Even though they are enemies in the wild, it is known that when introduced to each other in the right conditions, cats and rabbits can become good friends, and live in the same home. Well, this cat took one huge step forward when she stepped in as a surrogate mother for the baby rabbit in need.

Bubbles’ mother died when she was just a week old, and Snaggle Puss accepted him even though she already had a litter of kittens of her own. It is odd, but certainly a wonderful thing to see something like this. Check out the video to hear the touching story and share with your friends and family on Facebook.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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